About the Author

Although Lisa Anne Nichols is a grown-up girl, she still loves dressing up and make-believe. Books have been a passion of hers since she was a child. Lisa is thankful to the Lord for giving her the opportunity to share her stories with others and hopes her readers will find enjoyment, encouragement, and inspiration from her work.

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Once Upon a Wish

When unhappy Ellie Thomley makes a fervent wish that her humdrum life could be more like a fairy tale, she never expects that it will come true. After speaking her wish aloud, she lands in an imaginative and magical world of fairies, tree spirits, and water people, with only her friend Evan as a companion and her knowledge of common fairy tales as a guide.

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After her father dies and her brother casts her off, Alonya is branded an unchosen—unmarried by her twenty-eighth year and unclaimed by a male relative. Banished from her home and no longer under the law’s protection, she seeks refuge wherever she can find it, vulnerable to slavers who roam the kingdom looking for outcasts to exploit.

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Besides fantasy, Lisa has also written contemporary fiction and informational non-fiction.